Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Location shoot with Rory :D

Well we were going to be shooting with the awesome Valentina but her outfits didn't arrive in time so we thought "screw it we will wait for her to get some then re-arrange". Instead we went off to an abandoned mine I had been to previously but never gotten around to going back to. Sadly the mine building is a no-go, big fences up all over the place :(

Thankfully there was still little doorways nearby and a bridge a little further down so it wasn't a waste of time spending 3 hours trying to find it and having to follow a steam railway line. My memory is terrible, I think santa needs to get me an inbuilt satnav for Christmas.

The first doorway I thought - hrm that looks cool, lets do something there.. So we did...
(I have just figured out why my images have not been previewing recently.. and managed to sort it out so I can actually go into a little more detail now that I can see what image I am talking about). The ground inside this little hut was bloody horrible, dirty everything and my toes had this tar like mud inbetween them.. It really was nasty! Perhaps on par with the shoot I done with Craig Mcguire up to my ankles in Pigeon shit..

After getting dressed from the first doorway I spotted these little doors. I loved the colour of the blue one and how the wood had aged, kinda liked everything about this little spot - the brickwork/padlock.. Everything so we got a shot with just the one door and then 2..

We took a little walk down a set of very steep stairs, its a shame we couldn't find the right composition to shoot on the stairs really as they were beautiful to the eyes but sticking a model in there wouldn't have worked very well! I did take some shots of the stairs on their own too though.

We were pretty lucky as 2 seconds after this we spotted a group of lads, which to me meant - time to get clothes on and go back to the car. We done another little shoot on the way back home but I was cold and miserable and had shit between my toes which I couldn't wait to clean off.
So after getting cleaned up and warmed up we headed out to Edinburgh to meet up with someone who is very very very special to me (although I don't think he realises just how much so). Its Irish puppy Ciaran! I have admired his work for years - literally really. I admire and respect his opinions on my work, if he likes something then It gives me that little bit of extra ooommmpppff about an image. I know others opinions should not matter and usually they don't but hey I can't help it! It was fantastic to finally meet him and just sit and chat with him.

I really do need to get my arse on a ferry/plane or swim over to Ireland, to be honest he is the only person left who was on my "must work with him" list. One day!!! no pressure haha.



  1. Woo hoo... I'm famous :) I made a blog entry...so when do you start swimming?

  2. Aye thats a bummer about the mine being closed

  3. You made the best of the location though - love the shots with the doorway and brick wall

  4. Thanks Les,

    Your right it was a bummer that its all closed up now but least we had somewhere to shoot eh so not a total waste of journey :D