Monday, 2 May 2011

I'm back!

Not back from any physical place, my blog was taken down for a couple of days. I almost cried (seriously). As I said in the past I have been pretty busy recently. Wanted to share a few pictures with you lot :D

 The first shoot is by JayBanks, We spent the day together just before my trip down south. We had a lovely day, although the weather was pretty miserable we managed to get some really nice shots.

Below - with the tree is by purestorm member - scarecrow, we had a lovely sunny afternoon together in Perthshire. We went to a location I rarely visit and it was perfect for what he was after.

Next up is a shot by Gazhilla which was taken while I was down south.
 Then one by Edd Firminger.
 The last 2 are by my lovely other half - Rory. We had a random evening with nothing to do this weekend so I decided to make my hair pretty and do some pictures. Perfect way to kill some time!

I have lots of fun projects coming up, working with some brilliant photographers ... One of which has been on my "i want to work with this dude" list for years - literally but the time and place has never worked out. I will keep my fingers crossed that this time it all works out right.

I was sent over proofs from a shoot which really excited me when I was down south, I am even more thrilled than I thought I would be. Although I love seeing results from everything I do the images from that shoot really do show I am able to do more than stand around with no clothes on and nowadays it does take something really special to get me excited. To be honest I came back from England on a bit of a downer, doubting my abilities but this happens to everyone from time to time. We all feel inadequate and shitty about what we are doing. Ofcourse its all subjective, I am my own worst enemy sometimes..

But hey ho, I'm back to my usual self. I had a few good shoots last week with Tim and we had beautiful weather and this week I'm working with the awesome Brittalicus and Carl Grim as well as the wonderful artist Mike Nicoll  so I have lots to look forward too :D

Ohh and that fashion video I featured in a about a month and a half ago was 95% complete on Friday and I have been promised it at the start of this week so i expect to blog on that when I find out where to find it. The last short video we done has had over 10k views which is mental - just over a month and that many people have seen me dancing about in a forest.

Anyhow goodbye - goodnight and love to you all


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