Friday, 27 May 2011

Christ.. I talk a lot of Shite!

Is what I just said to Rory after having a quick browse of my recent blog updates.

Anyhow - house hunting side of things went tits up. We put in an offer for the property which was going to auction on the morning of the auction.. It was rejected and 10 minutes after our rejection someone else has trumped us and it was sold a short while later. I guess if we had viewed that property weeks ago we might have had more time to secure a better mortgage and not rush about. We only got a solicitor 30 minutes before putting in our offer. Now we just have to wait for something with character - 2 bedrooms and loads of space which costs the same as a shed to come up on the market again (what it might happen). Until then we are just staying put. We do love where we live, just wish it was less expensive and not so restrictive on what we can do. I want to paint a wall black or something mad like that but we are not allowed to do crazy things like that..

Heres some pictures to accompany my random chatter, first one is by Andy Haworth from last weekend :D


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