Monday, 16 May 2011

After the rain comes the sunshine :D

I always start by saying its been awhile..

Trying to remember where I left off and what I have been doing since..

Ok I got it!
Britalicus and Carl Grim..
Here are a few more images from Britalicus from our day together. I'm chuffed with how they turned out and I love them. Just wish I had more locations as good as that up my sleeve.

On Friday the 6th I worked with the wonderful artist - Mike Nicoll. I had planned to take him to an abandoned hotel that I knew would be perfect for the type of stuff he was after - interesting colours and textures but sadly when I arrived there was a massive padlock on the door which hadn't been there the previous week so we ended up in the less good hotel which thankfully turned out to be even better, although the shooting opportunities in the other hotel were much less (because of the light and boarded up windows) we managed to find a little spot of sunlight and it worked out fantastically. We got our sets we were after just before Mikes camera died, cameras shouldn't rattle... should they??.. no eeek!

It was so nice to work with Mike, he is a very nice man and a fantastic artist and I cannot wait to see his paintings of me :D

I had a quick catch up with Rachael Lyon on Tuesday too which was nice, even got to meet her mum who was a total darling! Much love to my roadtrip girls who I think about daily, I think we formed some mad bond together and I miss them so much.. 

I had a shoot with purestorm member Nijnte during the week too, he was awesome!

Rory had a shoot with the lovely model Gemma Chan on Wednesday, she was such a little star. I managed to play the assistant part really well though when we went out on location!

Ok so now we are up to the weekend.. 

Andy Haworth and Kate came up to visit on Saturday, Kate shot me for a little while on Saturday afternoon infront of the window then some shots out on the landing. Can't wait to see the pictures, I even managed to wear my new dress which I picked up in a sale so yey!

In the evening Andy shot me using a beauty dish (which he left behind for rory and I to play with). I love Andys headshots so I'm glad we got some of them before I started trying to go sleazy glamour (its totally not my style which is why I find it so amusing every time I do it).

Last night I done some self portraits with the beauty dish..

Today I have done everything which needs to be done -apart from edit pictures dohh..

My parents are off on holiday this week and Rory and I have official rule of her house and have to go feed the kitties in the evening.

Tomorrow is Drs, I'm having a bit of a quiet week but have a couple of shoots next week. One which will involve a little trip over to Edinburgh and the other is a location nude shoot with Nige so got a few things to look forward too..

Must blog again in a second with some Shots I have got back from various people!


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