Thursday, 5 May 2011



Its very rare I post on the evening (or technically very early the next morning) of a shoot - unless its Rory who has been shooting me but that doesn't really count because I'm usually by his side badgering him to edit quicker so I can post the pictures up.

As I mentioned in my last post I was working with Nick this week alongside Carl Grim, the weather was miserable so we headed to one of my favourite locations because its a bit more kind than some of my other spots - it doesn't sit on a hill and isn't totally exposed to all the elements.

I had a terrific day, it was nice working with a photographer who is actually based in Scotland (Carl isn't but thats not the point). I often feel like I'm slightly overlooked by my fellow country men, of course there are some wonderful photographers up here who I have worked with a few times but the majority of my work comes from those further afield. I have to admit it does get me down sometimes, I would love to work with more Scottish photographers and show them my special locations and be featured in their work but its a great compliment that most of the people I have the pleasure of working with do travel hundreds of miles to come and shoot with me - for that I am eternally grateful and I this year so far is proving to be my best yet. The tour was amazing, I have worked with some bloody awesome people and the summer is looking to be great too!

Last year it almost felt like modelling was coming to an end for me, I guess being "out of action" for 2 months during the summer really put me off my stride and it took me a little while to properly get back into it. My confidence did take a knock and I personally felt like what I was producing was weaker than the previous years work. I feel like the past 4 months has been more productive and pushed me, my confidence is up and better yet I still love what I am doing, in fact I might love it more now than I ever have. I have been doing new levels, working in different formats and just been having such a good time..

 Anyway enough of the emotional soppy drivel!!

I have attached some of the shots from today which Nick has sent me :D So pleased with them and I'm glad he got straight home and got to work on them. I love working with enthusiastic photographers who can't wait to sort through their images!

To see more of Nicks work please visit his website -

Now it really is bedtime for me!
Might have a little read of my book


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