Thursday, 24 September 2009

Going on my travels again!

North of England this time.

Im super excited , this time Im going to the North because I bypassed it the last time I was on tour. So at least one week of me in Warrington! I plan on arriving early on the 14th, so far I have 4 different people getting back to me with dates and 1 confirmed and Obviously I will need to do a little shoot with Nick who is teasing me and saying he wont be shooting me nude!!! BAD BOY.

So think thats my week pretty much sorted, hopefully they dont all want the same day.
Im actually pretty surprised, I contacted one photographer who I know is local to the area.. I wasnt even expecting a reply let alone him saying yes to me so Im on cloud 9 right now and will be for a long time to come even just to meet him would be out of this world :D
So to say im happy is the biggest understatement I could possibly make at the moment.

*pinches.. no im still awake*

Im pretty quiet running up to my time away but thats not too much of a bad thing. Its almost my birthday and I have a little trip up to Inverness soon and the latex stuff with Paul and im sure I can fit Simon in for a couple of days, I've not seen him since before my last tour and I have missed him soo much.

Dont know yet where Im going after Manchester, I have a few options..
I either carry on further south and take the offers Ive been given or I come home and re-energise and plan a tour which will be more organised rather than 1 month in advance.

Who knows..

I dont :-)

- 14th - busy sleeping no doubt
- 15th - Free
- 16th - Free
- 17th - Booked - Darwen
- 18th - Booked - Manchester
- 19th - Booked - Warrington
-20th - Booked - Chester

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