Wednesday, 9 September 2009

In Ayrshire!!

I've been a busy girl :-)
Sunday was spent with Hugh (Pictaker)
He was testing a new camera model (GF something) under real shoot conditions rather than the chart and wine bottles test that most reviewers use., which isnt out in this country yet. Done a little fashion then ofcourse got some nudes done! yippeee..
Pics to come :D

Monday night I was at a loose end, didnt have anything on until the weekend (monkey twizzles yey). Was chatting to Steve (jb walton) and a couple of hours later he was at my door, Im at his just now typing at 3am.. well 3.29am :-)

Tuesday was spent working with Johnathan Stubbs (all the images in this blog are his btw).
Hes sent me over 100 and I actually love lots of them, wish I wasnt limited for space here haha.

So today (well yesterday now) I spent the afternoon with Steve, first we went to a waterfall..
Was awesome, we done nudes.. then we headed over to the stufio. Shot some dance type tutu stuff then glamour (and i mean cheesy glamour) think denim shorts and cheeky faces, was good fun also done some figure nude stuff..

Tomorrow im heading over to Pauls, not sure if we will do pictures but hopefully we will.
Its always awesome to do new stuff with Paul..

Friday/Sat will be Billy - Monkey T stuff! not seen him in ages and I miss him sooooooooo much..

Well thats all for now

Chrissie toast dance red xx

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  1. Awesome pretty model. A source of creation.

    Vraiment inspirant.