Saturday, 12 September 2009

Well I spent Friday evening staying with my good friend Billy (Monkey Twizzle).
As always we spent too much time smoking and generally talking rubbish to each other, Ive not shot with him in months. I do wish all my favourite photographers lived in my street (especially the one in Ireland that I would chop my leg off to be infront of his camera). Anyhow the first series I have up are my favourites, which is why theres 5 of them.. I could easily have uploaded all of this set. I narrowed it down, its great when things just work!

Billy was playing with some weird ass lens, god knows what its called but it does take some freaky images which I really love.......

Everyone loves toast, or at least they should. This was inspired by my toast eating fetish and the random person on Deviant art who said to me "if i had 1 wish in life it would be to spend the rest of it on a deserted island with you, contemplating your beautiful bellybutton and admiring your beautiful eyes... " - It really doesnt get any better than that does it? so hope the randomer likes the toasty belly button! :-)

Next one is lushy talc, took a few attempts and we choked a little but hey it was less dangerous than all the smoke experiments we were doing earlier in the year - He set fire to something attached to his light and then lots of incence went on fire in an empty coffee jar - Ohh the joys of actually having to 'DIY' things to make them look cool.

Pearl... as it says.

Right buggery, I better get to my bed.
Should update again soonish from other shoots and things.
Really looking forward to the cheesy glamour stuff I done with Steve, he has sent me an art nude dancing image and the pose looks awesome yippee. Also done some good art nudes with Hugh last weekend, cant wait to see them.

Im pretty quiet this week, only a few things booked in.

I must must must get something sorted with Simon too, Ive not seen him in months and I bloody miss him loads!

Nitey nite alll


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