Sunday, 20 September 2009

Where do I start? :-)

I'm soo darn forgetful, never know what I have done since my last blog to Apologies to any photographers who I may possibly have missed out. Thursday morning/afternoon was spend with Steve, we shot in my lovley cottages on hay bales in a nice field wearing my pretty summer dress. I love the summertime, im going to miss it when it goes :-(

On Friday I spent the evening over in Falkirk with Alistair, hes a top chap. We had a nice relaxed shoot and just took our time with things, hes sent over a few images so far but this is my favourite one. Just love the face in it :-)

I have a pretty quiet week actually, which makes a change so not sure what Im going to get up to but then again I always start with a quiet week then end up doing 4 or 5 shoots. Who knows eh?

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  1. Love the summer dress image Chrissie. Again it's a totally different you.