Sunday, 9 December 2012


Well its been a little while since my last update.
Thankfully the storm has passed in my personal life, so its time to look forward to Christmas once again. It seems bad things always happen around this time of year but I can sleep easy again. Once my minor ear infection has went away that is!

I did have a massive post up but then decided I could simplify it somewhat by only saying what I had to say in one paragraph.

If any random bloke online contacts you and says he is an agent, asks you for private images/webcam chat, doesn't have any online presence, asks you about your sex life or anything like that then be realistic and get out of dream land the person is not an agent who has seen your beauty and he wont be able to offer you anything at all - he is a creep who is wasting your time. Be bloody realistic and stop being silly!!

Harsh I know but I'm really fed up of seeing "is this legitimate" - no - its not and you should have the common sense to know its not legitimate and if you don't then you really shouldn't be modelling.

end rant!

I got some proofs back from a shoot I had last month with Kirsty, it wasn't easy to select which shots I wanted edited but I'm really looking forward to sharing them on here!



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