Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Various shots from recent shoots!

 This update is going to be small - well I'm aiming for a short and sweet update but here goes!

The first couple of shots are from a shoot I had a couple of weeks back with Paul Hirst - This shoot had been so long in the making so it was nice to finally get out there and get some shots. As you can see the sky/weather was wonderful. It was an evening/sunset shoot, you really can't tell from the sky though!

I had a lovely few hours with Paul and I do hope we get to work together again in the future!

Image by John Mcnairn. I spotted this little crack in the rocks during a shoot with John recently, it was fairly dark between the stone and the sky was as bright as possible so it was a little bit of a challenge. Not to mention the wind which almost took me off my feet. So really this was from a 2 minute shoot, I hope to visit this location again though and maybe try something else in this spot. I do really like the following shot but I think we can do better :-)

The next 3 (black background) are all self portraits, I couldn't sleep one night last week and decided to get the camera out. I was originally trying to use the light from an open door to light me however the light from the room wasn't anywhere near strong enough in my black hallway so I put on the overhead spotlights - which is something I have never tried to photograph before.. Really glad I did actually!

The 2nd two images aren't really edited at all, I just chucked them up because there was something I quite liked about them.

And my last little shoot I'm going to speak about was from last week with James Waddell, we were fortunate with the weather that day. Had moments of wind and sun which surprisingly worked well with the sets we decided to do.

This is what happens when the wind picks up and comes from behind, I'm glad James decided to edit one from this set because I think its pretty funky and very different to what I usually shoot - you can almost make out my nose!

I love love loved this little pathway between the thick pine trees, I actually spotted this location last year on a dark miserable day and mentally filed it into the back of my mind to re-visit. The sun was harsh and bright which worked pretty well at getting some light into the dense forest. Unfortunately a cloud came along and ruined our fun but we did get a few shots!

This week is a mixture of shooting and painting/organising. I'm also looking at making another website (I say this all the time and have never got round to it) but it is on my list of things to do!

As always thanks to everybody who I have worked with recently for sharing their images with me, its much appreciated and puts massive smiles on my face!

Till next time


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