Tuesday, 21 May 2013

spots spots spots

 I almost completely forgot about updating my blog recently.

These were all taken by John Mcnairn on a recent trip out we had with Nicola. For some strange reason the sun was out!

I've been trying out a new skincare regime recently - with failure may I add. I get so caught up with trying to stop the wrinkle clock that I end up putting various lotions and potions on my skin to combat the age lines that I end up with spots like a teenager again. Then you have to fight to get rid of them, I never had crappy skin when I was younger but now its so difficult trying to find the right thing to treat them with. I can't really stick a ton of makeup on to cover them because of my freckles so its a bit of a no-win. I do try but I feel so self conscious about them at the moment, people say "it must be wedding stress" but honestly I've barely even thought about it this past couple of weeks. Maybe i'm getting my teenage skin a few years to late.

So far - I've tried a day without any makeup or products on my skin (It was my only day off), toothpaste (really didn't work), some clearasil spot overnight cream (I actually think it made them worse), antibacterial hand wash (may have worked a little), hot compress/cold compress, spot dr by soap and glory and lemon juice. Every old wives tale is bulls£$t!

Needless to say I'm running in the opposite direction when headshots are mentioned this week, I know photoshop is there but I don't want people to HAVE to use photoshop. I don't want people to think I'm a big spotty mess all the time.. (although maybe this is my new skin so I will be a big spotty mess from now on).

Meh.. So yes I'm a little down about the skin at the moment, thankfully nobody has said "oh my god your skin is awful" well not to my face anyway. All of my recent shoots have been location shoots shot from fairly far away which isn't quite so bad.

Any tips which actually work are appreciated? I'm tempted to try the "aspirin face mask" but will wait till after my shoot tomorrow to try that method as I don't fancy turning up to a shoot the next day with a bright red face.



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  1. maybe something you are eating?
    too much sugary crap does it for me, even at my age! :-S