Monday, 10 June 2013

Fun with paint!

This will be a very short update - I have a bag to pack and need to go for a nice relaxing bath and make my nails pretty for a beach shoot tomorrow :D

I usually don't edit or post up so many pictures from the same shoot - mainly because Rory can't be bothered editing more than a couple from each set. So a few are Rory edits and a few are mine.

I've even put before and after pictures up.

It was really messy, and I'm glad I didn't have a shoot the same day with anybody else or they would have seen my red paint stain that refused to wash off. Its a weird one, I wasn't even that bothered if the pictures turned out that well because I just wanted to have fun and chuck paint on myself, quite glad I managed to pick a few I thought were nice though.

-Please note - these are not in Order.

Paint is fun but its a little frustrating - once the paint has randomly went where it wants to go you cannot remove it so just keep going. I didn't get any on the floor or walls either! Yippeee.


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