Friday, 15 January 2010

Some dreams really do come true!

Well I have never made any secret when asked who my favourite model is, anytime someone has asked me previously this lady has been at the top of my list and often the only one on the list. I often pop onto her website just to see what she has been up to and am usually blown away by her images and modelling. It has always been a dream for me to get the oppertunity to work with her , not only because she is like my idol but I do believe that we would work well together. Both 6ft tall and have a very similar body shape. Well next month will be a dream come true, she is popping up to Scotland and we are doing a studio day in contrast studio, Glasgow. I'm soo excited about it and can't wait!

(for anyone who is unaware of her work)

If anyone would like to book us together then feel free to contact me about it and we can sort something out. The price including both models and studio is £75 per hour, obviously working up to artistic nude.

Other news is that I was featured here -
Being featured on the same website as John Tisbury is such a compliment so thanks to the NSFW team for the mention on there.

I think thats about it all! Sadly the house me and Rory were planning on moving into has now gone so we are back to square one now and my country cottage dream is shattered but mum always says *whats for you wont go by you* and I think she is right. We are viewing a city centre appartment today, it looks gorgeous from the images. Difference is that this time we wont wait around and think too much about it.

Adios amigos

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