Sunday, 10 January 2010

-16 with Craig Mcguire

Ok seeing as this is the first update of the year I want to wish everyone a very happy newyear :-)

Just a quick update seeing as its already late.

I went out on Friday with Craig, I knew the forecast was grim so I expected cold weather. One of my silly ambitions was to do a shoot with the weather being colder than -8 (that was my last record set in January last year). The first shot was at 8.15am, its crazy seeing the moon in the sky while the sun is rising, it was -16 :-) so I bet my record and although others might think it was freezing it wasn't actually too bad.

We along the road a little and the way the sun was coming through the trees was somewhat magical so I got my tutu on and booties and stood there.. A car busted us but never mind, was good fun :-)

I usually hate doing things indoors when the weather is freezing but well Craig didnt need to twist my arm too much. I got on some mad makeup and off we went into one of my cottages :-)

Outtake alert :-)
Well we went to an innercity type public walkway so I knew it would be risky, this is a shot of me with my trousers half off and a blanket covering my modesty, I wonder if the dog walker noticed my slightly strange angled leg....

Whitey tutu :-)

Just as god intended.

Thanks to Craig for a lovley day.

I keep missing bloody shoots because of the snow recently so it was nice to actually get out!!