Friday, 22 January 2010

Up and Down :-)

The title is NOT a new dance move!

The past week has been super crazy..

Without going into too much details my dad was taken into hospital with a collapsed lung and possibl heartattack, been spending pretty much all day everyday worring about him. Looks like he is on the mend though which is great news so fingers crossed that he continues to improve.

Rory and I are moving out next weekend (well theres still a little thing which needs sorted out with reguards to references but we passed the credit check and employment reference part). The place we will be going to is not the country cottage I had my heart set on, infact it is better than that and much more suited to our lifestyle so although I was a little dissapointed about not getting the cottage I'm pretty upbeat about the new place. We viewed it last Friday and both of us were blown away, its perfect. My worstnightmare would be to stay in a place with bad decoration and horrible furniture and this place is by far the cleanest and warmest flat we have seen. We have already went out shopping for new duvet covers and things for it :-). The landlords are really nice too which is a bonus! I do think we will be really happy there, although I think once we move in we might not want to move back out again!

Still super excited about my studio day with Joceline, can't wait!!
Got some shoots lined up for next month and have an exciting location booking for March with someone who I have wanted to work with for awhile so all happy about that.

Right time for me to get back into the book I'm reading at the moment.

Nighty night xx

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