Tuesday, 8 December 2009

8th of December

I was in hiding but now I'm back :-)

I spent a long weekend down at Rory's in Glasgow, we both have a bad cold like virus so pretty much just hid under the covers for a few days. I woke up this morning thinking I was actually going to die (it didn't feel nice). It actually feels like someone is sitting on my chest and limiting my breathing and my legs keep going funny.. The weird thing is that I have all the symptoms of a cold (and a few other weird symptoms) but I don't actually have a sore throat.

I'm shooting tomorrow though, so fighting this cold and drinking lots of sugary tea.
I'm actually really looking forward to the shoot, last time I worked with him we had such a good time and it was nice and laid back. I do sometimes get a booking for 2 hours but end up being there for 3 or 4 just because it gives me time to get to know the photographer a bit before the shoot and time for a cuppa and a chinwag after shooting.

Anyways attached to this blog are the pictures from my recent shoot with the awesome Craig Mcguire. I have been meaning to post these up for a week now but having no internet at Rorys weekend flat made that impossible. The first one was actually a spur of the moment type shoot, Erica got to work on my makeup, hair and dressed me.. Then held the light, there is no end to he girls talents.

I think Craig knows it but his work is really coming on these days, he should be super proud of himself right about now.

Plans for this month.........

Tomorrow - shooty
Im going on holiday on Monday, for 5 days... a nice wooden lodge with a hottub and sauna yippee, I have invited a photographer to come work with me while I'm away (im awaiting word back from him). I was not planning on shooting but its too good a place not to shoot in.
When I get back from holiday theres a couple of christmas nights out that weekend (the UKPM one im organising should be awesome). That takes us up to the 21st, have a shoot that week then working with mum for a few days running up to christmas. I'm not sure where I'm spending Christmas yet, proberly half the day up with my family and the other down at Rorys.



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