Sunday, 27 December 2009

Merry X-mas!!

Well santa has come and gone again for another year.

I got lots of fabby presents, infact I got soo much more than I expected.

Rory got me some amazing gifts including an art nude book, some awesome work in it and I recognised 1 of my favourite artnude photographers images in it. It really is amazing how much better a printed photograph is than a digital one. I also got a David LaChappell book, again Im amazed how awesome the prints look and the colours are to die for. I got a music cd, my favourite expensive hair conditioner, a cookery book, a special teddy bear from Hamleys in London, an I <3 tea cup, perfume, a ring and best of all my new ballet outfit that I picked. The tutu is soo crisp and white and the enpointe shoes are great. My dream was to one day manage to get enpointe even if only for 2 minutes for a photograph, well minutes after putting my new shoes on I managed to go enpointe and stay there... I was delighted so now I just need to be photographed doing it :-) I got lots of other amazing gifts too and had a really nice day. Everyone seemed happy with their gifts from me, Im glad I got them really early this year.

Heres a few images from a shoot a couple of weeks ago with Simon!

It was cold.

My hometown is burried under about a foot of snow right now :-)
must get out and shoot, only problem is getting out of Perth or people getting into Perth!



  1. I love that cheeky shot of you at the top of the blog, the one where you're wearing nothing but a pair of trainers and a cheeky grin! Classic!

  2. Pointe shoes are the most awesome things ever. Just be careful, I've lost toenails twice because of them! I miss my pointe shoes :-(