Sunday, 26 August 2012

A day out with John

The first shot above is one I spotted on Johns Blog from a previous shoot and I liked it so I nicked it :D

John and I are usually not that lucky when it comes to weather, even when we shot indoors I was freezing but that was in my flat and there was no heating.

Anyhow John had a week off work so we went out for a day at the beach, I used to shoot at this beach fairly often during the summer (and winter) so it was nice to go back, its gorgeous and there is so much space just to dance around.

These are all in complete random order but some where shot on St Andrews Pier :D We got lucky with the weather, I wasn't cold once. Hurrah!

I was actually quite scared of doing this shot below, you can't see from this shot but John was actually quite some distance away from me - separated by the sea. This is an old pretty bad staircase which is at the side of the pier, I'm rubbish with heights but add in a less than safe looking handrail and worn stairs and you have the ultimate "crapping my pants" moment. 

Anyhow that is all


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