Friday, 24 August 2012

The Gold Skirt - With Rory

Woah, 2 updates in one week? How is that for spoiling you lot?

I just HAD to pop these up on a blog of their own, I loved this 5 minute set so much.

I bought this outfit - or part of it a few weeks ago but was waiting for the right time to use it - that right time was today. Rory taken the day off to shoot today but somebody needed a last minute replacement model and it was fairly local so I stepped in and he let us take some shots in the location he had access too. I LOVED IT!

I done some wonderful artistic nudes with the photographer in various settings in the location, I got so carried away with time and being in such lush surroundings can't help make you feel inspired and happy.

So this is half of my outfit, we shot some with the full outfit for hat in the cat in the main part of the house then I spotted this beautiful golden light coming in through a skylight - So off came the clothes in various stages (yes there are some nudes in a similar location too but I will leave them for next time). 

Its a great feeling when things just click and go right, all these were pretty much shot one after the other, I think there was about 10 from this particular set - I would happily have posted the lot of them but some are a little similar so you are not missing too much. 

Well I do hope at least one of these hits some nice spots.
Rory edited half and I edited the other half, my edits took 5 minutes Rory's took an hour..
Sometimes pictures just don't need much than a little bit of tweaking here and there :D

I have another shoot with John Mcnairn to blog about, will save that for tomorrow :D

Anyway goodnight and stuff. Or good morning seeing as its 5am :D


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