Thursday, 30 August 2012

Some more hats :D

 Well here are the slightly less exciting non nude images from our shoot last week in the gorgeous manor house. Its so nice shooting in such beautiful locations but when you come back home and are faced with a couple of tatty walls and not much else it really makes you appreciate all the lovely places.

 I wish I could wear this outfit all the time, I had my eye on it for months and when it went on sale I just had to have it. It said size 6 on the tag but I'm guessing that was American sizes because it fit perfectly. I did take a wired underskirt with me too but I kind of liked the way it hung off my body naturally, plus it means I can maybe use it again for a different look in the future - turn it black and white and nobody would know the difference!

 All hats are by -
I have a new batch now - 6 hats and 3 weeks to shoot them, we have a shoot with another model next week and a local makeup artist which I'm really looking forward to. We went down to Ayr a couple of weeks ago and shot Maz (see above). I say "we", what I really should say is Rory shot Maz but I pointed to the pretty locations and held a reflector, still its teamwork in a way. We only took about 75 images and the hit rate was incredible, I guess thats what happens when you have a nice location and a fantastic model.

Here are a couple from earlier in the week, I bought a bad of sequins recently thinking it would be a great idea to stick them to my face for a shoot. So with that in mind the new batch of hats we selected all go nicely with brown colours. Was only an experiment really, I think its one I might try again but fine tune it and make the patterns of the sequins a little more adventurous. I've actually just thought of a great idea while writing this (its amazing when they pop into my head randomly).

Thats it for now, I will need to harass Rory when he gets home from football to shoot this spur of the moment idea of mine. Shouldn't take too much arm twisting or bribery!


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