Monday, 3 September 2012

Black and white hats

 Not sure what to type up along with these pictures, normally I have a million things to type and no images to go along with them but this time its the wrong way around!! Damn-it.
 Rory has a week off work so we should end up going out for a little adventure at some point although we actually have nothing at all planned. I'm introducing John Mcnairn and Si together this week so I think the 4 of us are going to go out and do something, we just need ti figure out the finer details (days/locations). I'm sure it will all work out in the end and lead to very pretty pictures.
 I'm not really sure why we shot these images, I just got some cool new shimmer eyeshadow and decided to add it to baby oil and see how it looked.. It looks a bit like very wet poo in colour which explains why they are all converted to black and white :D
We did do another set but it wasn't overly exciting *shhhh don't tell Rory I said that*..

Till next time...


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