Sunday, 9 September 2012

In the attic & Grey Wall

It seems most of my blogs these days are my shoots with Rory and contain hats or headpieces.
Its actually getting to be quite challenging to think of new locations/expressions/lighting so the images don't all look the same. Not to mention trying to change up my hair and makeup too!

Anyhow I done a little youtube search before attempting my hair for this shot, I had no idea what I wanted to do - just something slightly different than the usual "curls/straight/frizzy/bun" type safe options I normally go for

The first video I clicked on was just what I was after (without knowing what I was after).. Although I'm not totally sure if my pleats are inverted but never mind. It looked different and quite cool and it was pretty simple to do.

 The attic is lovely... but with that being the storage space for wood at the moment it wasn't ideal. Plus its a little too short for me to stand in comfortably. I was quite restricted with posing and I needed to remember where the light was more than usual because these were shot with just the beauty dish and modelling lamp.

This last one was my idea, we done quite a few like this but I'm not entirely convinced it works the way I wanted it to - plus the floor up there is filthy so I was covered in years old dust and grime which started to show up quite a bit on my feet towards the last few images (which happened to be my favourite) but editing was proving fairly difficult so I ditched them and made it my mission to do this sort of thing again but make it better.
Here is a completely unedited one to show you just how mucky and filthy my feet ended up getting..

No need to say it but I went for a bath right away.

So I posted up asking a few model friends if they had any good links to makeup and hair blogs or videos - given that my first experience with using them turned out quite well I was feeling quite positive of my abilities..

My beautiful friend and fellow model Maz sent me a link over to her youtube page where she shows people how her makeup looks are put together. I had a look at a few videos from other people showing techniques but many of them had very specific products, things which I didn't have to hand at 4am or afford at any other time of the day. The awesome thing about Maz's videos is that the products she uses are affordable but its quite relaxed in that there isn't a specific shade of black to use "Black is black" that is all.. We don't need nightshade black, noir black, dark black, coal black.. Black is just that - Black.. Just like white is white. I have black and white eye makeup so I was ready to go.

I loosely followed This video!! but really toned it down a fair bit, I had never really known how to do the flicky bits and anytime I tried my eyes would look completely different so following Maz's basic technique I was easily able to make some pretty flicks and put some colour in there too (the last image maybe shows the colour best).

From now on I'm going on youtube while putting my makeup on and doing my hair. I think eventually with enough practice I might actually get ok at this whole "makeup" stuff. They say practice makes perfect :D

Oh and my hair for this shot was basically just the same as the set above but the pleat was pinned up, it took two seconds but changed the overall look completely.

Love and kisses


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