Saturday, 22 September 2012

sunset and 3am.

Well yesterday evening Rory and I popped out to try and catch the sunset, we failed - miserably.. It was gone while we were searching for somewhere suitable to shoot - next time we will go out earlier.. We did manage to get 1 shot though, well we got 5 but the others weren't as pretty as the one above.

Still.. we got something, and I quite like it :D

Its now 3.01am, Not sure whats happened to my sleeping.. I just don't seem to be doing much of it at the moment. I think its because I feel more awake at night than I do during the day so I'm more productive when the sun goes down.

Anyhow.. Here are a couple of self portraits from about half an hour ago, technically awful but I kinda liked the shapes and shadows so thought they were worthy of sharing.

I *think* Rory and I are doing a Sunrise shoot, or we are going to attempt to do one anyway. We have quite a few hats left to shoot before next weekend including a really beautiful white one which I can't wait to wear. I just have to figure out what will work with it and off we will go.

Anyway time for at least a few hours shut eye!!


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