Sunday, 30 September 2012

Testing and chasing the sun!

Well I was making shapes today! Hurray :D
Its been awhile since I actively thought "I'm going to try something new" - usually it just kind of happens. I rarely photograph well from behind but I actually really rather like these. I had been wanting to do these as a self portrait but don't have a tripod which will stand 15 feet in the air so I had to ask Rory to hold the camera. We tried some front on shots but with me being limited in space it wasn't working at all.

Anyway I like them, its nice to do something a little different.

We also popped out this evening (although technically now with it being 1.21am it was yesterday evening).. This location is only 5 miles away, I'm sure we will be going back. We were fighting a little with the sun, it was running away behind the hill so we didn't have much time to mess around.

First two edits are mine.. The last one is Rorys.

I love the shape in this one, so much so that I really don't mind the grass covering my face..

Came across this hold tree, I love trees which have fallen over and exposing the roots we normally don't get to see. There was a little patch of light as well as some shadows from the tree's opposite so I thought it would be worthy of a little shot..

It was actually sunny but really chilly this evening, perhaps its the last day of summer. I hope not anyway!

Woah, only just noticed this is maybe the most images I've posted from a 20 minute shoot in my life.
I'm almost done.

This is an edit I done from a shoot last weekend when we were fighting with the sun - or begging it to stay where it was and not run away from us.

From this afternoon, we have had this recent collection of hats for 2 weeks now. We actually had to ask for a bit of an extension. So I'm glad it didn't rain all day:D

I have another small set with another hat but not got round to editing any yet, and they are quite similar to the nude shots above - only with hat and clothes on rather than skin.

Time for me to be off.. Bed is calling!!


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