Sunday, 9 September 2012

close to home

its more hats and less arms above mu head poses :)
It was a nice Sunday evening, a little grey so not totally ideal really but it was fine enough.

This location is literally 5 minutes from our new place, well its a 5 minute drive then a 5 minute walk. We passed under a gorgeous bridge too but the light was pretty rubbish there so we will save that particular spot for when there is a bit more light available.
  I really need to wear more corsets more often, I love the way they hug my figure and really accentuate my hour glass shape.
 In some ways I love it when Rory is off work, I get to spend more time with him - we can have lovely days off and stay up late. Sadly it only lasts a week, we did fit in some "holiday" type activities. We couldn't actually get on holiday, we knew when we took on the 2 new cats the chances of anybody volunteering to look after them were slim and our priority money wise is still making the house pretty. I might get away myself for a small tour soon though, I just wont want to be away for too long and the thought of having to go on my own again scares me - I actually hate being on my own when I'm in a new place.

Another negative to Rory having to go back to work is that I'm currently screwed with my sleeping pattern - 3 or 4 hours at 10am is really not good for me. I have granddad up today though to do some more little jobs in the house so I wont have time to have my little 4 hour nap tomorrow/today so I plan on finishing this blog then heading straight to bed and not reading a book or watching anything on the laptop. I have a busy week coming up with a few shoots which I've really been looking forward to so I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the week ahead!

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