Sunday, 30 September 2012


Sometimes coincidences happen - often they are good coincidences. Being in the same place as somebody you had been meaning to call or being in the right shop when a mammoth sale is on selling things you want for 70% of their original price. I love those sorts :D

The strangest thing happened (no it wasn't another wake up call without the anxiety monster) - I wish!
My cousin who studies down south contacted me, she has recently started a beauty therapy course.. Her tutor has images of me in her portfolio - Obviously that is such a wicked coincidence that my cousin mentioned to her tutor "thats my cousin" - tutor then says "yeah I done her hair and makeup for a shoot"..

So cousin comes home and says "oh you know my tutor, she done your hair and makeup on a shoot" - "hrm.. do I?" So we passed on names - didn't ring any bells whatsoever.. I then asked what the image looked like - surprised really that out of all the images one would steal it would be a grainy websized shot from a shoot which had very little makeup and my hair was scraped back (you could barely see my face in it) - It didn't even require a MUA.. Why on heavens earth would somebody who is claiming to be a professional use such an image to advertise herself or show off her skills?

Anyway I found it really quit amusing, its all been sorted out now but it made me realise something - ANYBODY could be using our images - all over the world. That chick just had bad luck by showing her portfolio to a class of students - one of which happened to be my cousin. So in future (if anybody is listening) and that way inclined - just shoot your own images, seriously it's not very nice passing off others work as your own, its theft and its much less embarrassing to produce something crap than it is being caught red faced and confronted by the rightful owners of the thing you have nicked.

In other news.. I have had shoots, Just waiting on pictures back from them. I think I have something like 6 to blog about - Come on you lot - if you say you will take a week to edit pictures its not cool leaving them for a month and a half...

Its my birthday soon, and I'm working next Sunday (which is the eve of my birthday) so Rory and I decided to take me out shopping this morning, then go shoot with whatever we buy. I plan on buying floaty things - perhaps I will get lucky and get the sale summer clothes..



  1. "if you say you will take a week to edit pictures its not cool leaving them for a month and a half..." - what about a year and a half :-S

    1. haha, You never promised me anything so although I would love to see this shot which beats our staircase image I'm not expecting it.. :D xx