Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Woah I didn't realise...

.... how often I raise my arms during shoots...
*makes a mental note to do it less often*

I also didn't realise there was still some grout to clean up on my tiles, looks like its back to the scrubbing for me when I have some motivation to do it..

This wasn't an overly well planned out shoot - it never really is.

I was bored earlier this evening and asked Rory to chuck a light up in the bathroom - so thats planning in some way I suppose. Since doing my "old shoots" blog recently which showed some of the alternatives to the 1 or 2 from a shoot I edited I decided to just edit more straight after the shoot which is mainly for the content of the blog more than anything else.

 I have been reading some of my older blog posts recently, and although this is a nice place to share my images with other people its really lovely to go back and remind myself of the things I have done, people I have worked with or met and the places I have visited - Places I would never have been to if I didn't take up modelling.

Are you seeing the arm up theme with these yet? :D

We both had little challenges with this actually  - as you can see there is some burning out of the skin.. Which does annoy me a little but you know what? - thats what it looked like - It might not be overly noticeable on the images but I was actually covered in baby oil and water which obviously picked up the light much more than my skin did. We were quite limited with space to so there wasn't all that much I could do other than try and make my body look as nice as possible and it just so happens than my arms being up make my body look better than it does if they are down.

I always pick "safe" pictures - by safe I mean expressions or emotions which I guess look quite vacant or passive.. I can do other emotions, it's just the ones I usually upload don't really show that much of a variety so from now on I will be going for the less safe option - this might make people think "what a bad expression" or "that pose doesn't suit you" but screw it - we live once and nobody looks fantastic in every pose or expression they convey. Who says things have to be pretty all the time?

My poor dearest Alfie cat happened to be close by so was grabbed for a couple of shots but he prefers working on his own..

My plan was to post this in the morning - its now nearly 5am so I suppose it is the morning...
I have a busy day tomorrow and on Thursday though so didn't think I would have time tomorrow to type this lot out and I think better in the evenings.

I could still have edited another 20 from this set but to save any more boredom this is yer lot!


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