Sunday, 16 September 2012

more hats!!!

Surprise surprise!!
Here are some more pictures of hats...

I have even more to shoot this week, its actually really nice "having" to do shoots - there is some pressure there to get something for the designer. Even though she sets no restrictions with how we use them its always kinda nice to get something she appreciates and likes the same way we do.

I picked up a bottle of TIGI - rockaholic - rock my world - stellar smoothing cream during the week in TKMAX (bargain price) in the past I've used frizzease serum but I have to say the TIGI stuff is amazing. It actually does rock my world now that I've experienced it I doubt I will go back. My hair has been battered in the past with hairdye, and my trichotillomania doesn't really help its condition. I'm quite precious when it comes to my hair - I really don't like other people being near it or drawing attention to how damaged it is. Its quite depressing knowing I'm the person who caused all the damage.

Anyhow this product weighs my hair down a little, my hair is quite dry and it adds a bit of moisture which would make greasy hair even more greasy so I'm actually happy my hair is at the other end of the spectrum so this is perfect for making it sit just right.

I'm starting to almost run out of clothes, so the old furry jacket got a little airing in a couple of shots..

 I LOVE my gold dress, or should I say I loved it. The strap broke half way through shooting so its going to sit in the outbox destination "mother" for fixing. I picked it up ages ago at a charity shop - Karen Millen £4.50 is not to be sniffed at. I just wish I brought it out more often..

There are more nudes waiting to be edited but they might end up on a different blog or might just stay on the computer..

Here are a couple more hat type shots, very much a natural look rather than plied with makeup :D
This shows perfectly how awesome the tigi cream is - my blowdried hair is like a big frizzy splitendy mess and this is just a pea sized amount spread all over my hair and it looks better than what it does when I straighten it..

I picked up my hottie massage bar from lush today, going to give it a whirl tonight before bed time. I hope it does stimulate the bloodflow and maybe help keep me slightly warmer during the miserable winter location nude shoots I have booked. I've felt the cold in the past few days especially in the evening and I'm not 100% sure my underfloor heating is actually working so I might need to rub his soap all over myself on a daily basis. The smell of it is amazing, Its sat in its gorgeous little bag across the room and I keep getting gentle whiffs of it :D yummy!!!

I have half cleared out the spare room for my little visitor coming next week - Artemis .  It actually feels nice to have a bit of a spare room again. That room has been my "DIY//FOR THE SKIP" room and has a bath in it as well as all sorts of saws/tools/paints, I spent the afternoon sorting it out. The bath is hopefully going to get used tonight for a little shoot then its getting chainsawed and chucked in the car and taken to the bin. I wont be sad to see it go.

I either need to buy new paint or find a new wall in my house, I think I've shot against everything now. Lucky for me I have a new wallpaper going up tomorrow - matt black with shiny black flowers (it looks cool).. I'm sure it wont take long before it makes an appearance.

Anyhow... that be my news!


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