Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Thank you - 50,000 views :D

Thank you to everybody who has followed my blog. I just noticed I hit the 50,000 views mark and I'm immensely happy about this! Just goes to show I'm not speaking to myself here.

In an attempt to make my blog a little more exciting I have decided to do little spotlight pieces on some of the things I love (health and beauty wise). I have actually owned this product since last year, I was using it when I noticed particularly dry spots on my skin but more recently I have been using it on a daily basis and the results have been quite incredible. About an hour after applying I still feel the effects and just want to touch my face to feel how smooth it is. Seriously I recommend this product highly to anybody who suffers from dry skin :D I got this as part of a gift set which also contained the moisture spray which I use when I'm on the go. There is also the lip moisture super balm so if you get a chance to buy them altogether I say go for it. Life will be better with these products in them!

I was having a search online this week and came across a product I have never spotted before - its by Lush and a massage bar called "hottie" - If it lives up to his description - apparently the ingredients really stimulate blood circulation and really heat everything up. I suffer from chilblains fairly often so I'm hoping that maybe if I rub the hell out of my legs before and after winter location shoots then it might do some good. Anything is worth a try - I'm going to pick a bar up at the weekend so will give it a bash and see how it works out.

Anyway enough of talking about products.. Last week I had my mate Simon up to stay, we decided to go up to my loft and play around with lasers and lights - This is what happened...

We played with lasers and perfume bottles.. I was in control of the lights :D

One of us done a catwalk while swinging a light stick around in a circular motion. We done one where we all had a different colour but I liked this one the most.

We suffered with lack of sleep before getting up the next morning and heading off out with John Mcnairn to a location unknown (to Rory, Simon and I) I have no idea how John finds these places though. He claimed there was a path, a path of nettles/trees and spongy lumpy ground..

Here is a little shot of us all mucking around.. It was really quite nice having John and Simon meet up, other than Rory they are possibly my closest friends in my life <3 are="are" bodies="bodies" but="but" energised="energised" feeling="feeling" from="from" here="here" is="is" least="least" many="many" more="more" nice="nice" on="on" our="our" out.="out." p="p" random="random" shame="shame" side="side" slightly="slightly" t="t" the="the" to="to" trips="trips" walk="walk" wasn="wasn" weather="weather">

Now I MUST go to bed, despite not feeling tired at all.. I hate it when that happens, I'm heading over to Killin tomorrow to work with some super lovely photographers so want to be nice and awake for them all. A sleeping artnude model isn't a very good one!

Bouncy bouncy Chrissie


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