Monday, 25 February 2013


Well I'm going to treat today as a little bit of a catch up day I think, I was out all day yesterday in some super chilly locations so I'm feeling rather rubbish today. I just hope its a "just woken up rubbish" than a "I'm actually coming down with something" type of rubbish. We'll wait and see I guess!

In the meantime :D

Here are some pretty shots of Jodie Noble and I which were shot by her lovely Partner Graham, its nice having a friend who also models/ does self portraits and has a boyfriend on call to shoot her. We do all spend so much time chatting that we could have had many more little shoots done but I guess we can save them for any follow up visits!

So massive thanks to Graham & Jodie for having Rory and I, we had a wicked time and I can't till the next time :D 


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