Monday, 18 February 2013

At the castle with Batwoman

Sometimes all the elements come together on the one day - granted at this time of year and being in Scotland it doesn't happen very often at all. I was very lucky to be out on one of those such days. The type of days where I'm usually at home wishing I was outside in a nice location having my picture taken.

I was booked as an anniversary present (yes.. I'm not kidding). I was a tad worried actually before the shoot thinking "eek I hope the recipient likes me".  Photographers are fussy when it comes to who they photograph, and rightly so.

We had a lovely time, gorgeous blue skies and the sunshine was out which is a bonus for me as the last few location shoots I had previous to this one the weather had been pretty cold - snow/hailstones/rain and horrible wind with no sunshine to take off the bitter cold.

You can view a bigger selection of Karens work on her purpleport folio page -  LINK

Also thanks again to Karen for sending me these pictures and letting me post a blog about the shoot :D
Defiantly worthy of sharing with others

I do have other pictures to post from shoots however I'm waiting for other images from the sets before going all blog crazy with them.

Peace out



  1. These are really lovely! Well done both of you!

    1. Thanks Beautiful <3
      Its nice when everything goes according to plan!