Friday, 22 February 2013

Just Messin!

I have been having a great old time this month, I've visited so many inspiring locations and spent time with some creative monsters. 

I had a day off earlier this week and decided to paint big black streaks over my face and body and stand in front of my "inspirational" wall. I really wanted to just do something a bit different, not sure if I'm loving the outcome or not but I have learned a couple of things about my mistakes along the way so they get posted as a reminder forever :D

 I came across a model I hadn't seen in years recently, this happens from time to time. Its always nice having a look through their images to see what they have been up to since their break or how they have changed their style.

One thing I'm always trying to figure out is how pre-vanishing they can be the same age as me but when they come back they are much younger than I am. It surely cannot be surgery because they look just the same as they did. Maybe I'm the person doing it all wrong, maybe everybody who claims to be my age are actually pensioners and I just haven't noticed. Do photographers presume every model is lying about their age by 5 years so actually they think I'm 32 and not 27?

Nicer pictures by Rory - Wearing Geisha Wig

Its early hours on Saturday.. more blogs to come!


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