Monday, 25 February 2013


 One of my favourite types of location to visit are without a doubt abandoned buildings & ruins.
Its nice moving around shooting beside trees/lochs and the like but it feels so much more productive to be set up and quickly ready to move onto the next little setting to shoot.

This building is actually an old hospital - well parts of it are. There is a section which was used as a short time as a hotel but I didn't go into that building. Decided to go back when its a little less cold to get some other spots done.

I did get very frustrated with myself though towards the end of this shoot, the shot required me to have one leg up on a chair but by then my little body was shaking and I just couldn't balance anymore. John called it a day at that point and took me out for yummy food.

I loved this tyre, it was the first set we did because I fell in love with it. I loved the texture of the walls/ground and even the tyre against the skin. Not to mention I had window light coming in from windows at either side of me which is always a bit lovely!

I was also out yesterday and we found a cool abandoned farm  - well its kind of abandoned, we did meet the farmer after we had finished and he seemed fairly nice but most of my bad "getting caught" experiences involve grumpy farmers so I don't think I will venture back to the old farm anytime soon!

Also to note - There are a few pictures which Howard Ashton Jones shot of me being shown in an online magazine, I have already posts the pictures on my blog so its nothing new really (or there might be 1 or 2 unseen ones) so have a look if A- you want to and B- The website works for you - it didn't work for me the last 3 times I tried.

Next Page Magazine

Urm... I will be back in a bit with some more :D


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