Sunday, 12 June 2011

and a few more...

Well we were planning on going out for the sunset but the grey sky just got darker so it wasn't "ideal" shooting weather so i went for a bath and shouted Rory through..

I have a couple of other shots I wanted to post up from my shoot with Mr Steve Gabbett with Rachael Lyon and myself, I actually had trouble selecting which ones from that shoot I liked and I have tried not uploading all of them to my various portfolios but my blog is unrestricted so here they all are :D

i actually think I look like a half decent fashion model in these shots.. i guess its better late than never.
I'm trying to do more fashion and things just now because well time is never on anyones side and I want to do it well before im too old to do it :D

Next blog I MUST post up is from my shoot with Carl Grim :D I also have a couple from Mike Niccoll from our recent shoot..


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  1. Your bath shots are awesome, the light and compositions and mood - sooo good - lush!!

    And you being a seductive fashion model - yum!! You look so hot and incredible Chrissie! Great concept, shot so well with the other model, and you look so strong and confident, amazing poses and attitude - wowzy!!