Thursday, 16 June 2011

Shoot with Carl Grim & New house :D

 Well I had a shoot with Carl Grim alongside Britalicus recently and Carl kindly sent me to all the shots he got, here are just a few of my favourites. I can't believe how much variety and settings we ended up using in such a short space of time :D

 Don't get used to this sight, my backside is one of my least photographic parts of me. I know every model has something about them they dislike, usually its something which other people say "don't be silly" about. So many times on shoots people have asked to shoot me from behind, I always warn them and say photographically it just looks crap. They think thats a challenge to get a nice bum shot, most fail. A couple of people have managed to get a decent bum shoot, I still hate the way it photographs but below is a shot I don't hate with a passion so its being added.

Other good news is that the offer we put in on a property was accepted earlier this week, there is so much to organise and do though and that thought scares the shit out of me. I guess I never really want to grow up and thinking about having a mortgage is frightening for me.

Whats also frightening is the work which needs done on the place, we didn't get as much money as we hoped. We kind of thought "well it costs X amount for the place and will cost y amount to repair it".. Well the X meant putting much more savings into it and the Y well, we didn't get any Y money from the bank so we need to put all our money into it but even that still falls a few thousand off what we estimated the work would come to.

Our plan of action is this..
New kitchen, Ikea is much cheaper than anywhere else we have seen plus the kitchens actually look like good quality. New bathroom - a cheap take away one, Ideally I wanted to move the bathroom or extend it but theres not enough money in the budget for that because of a supporting wall needing to be moved so its staying as a dark small pokey bathroom for the time being. The roof has some slates missing so thats getting fixed straight away, a section of the roof leaked through into the livingroom so a chunk of the ceiling in there has to come down an be replaced. The radiators all need replaced, we wont know if the boiler works until everything is switched on so thats another thing which needs sorted out straight away. All flooring needs done.. Aye we need to buy a car also and sort out and pay for all the insurance stuff.

We own a tv and a laptop, a couple of cheap storage things so we have to buy the basics like a sofa/bed/table.. washing machine.. which reminds me in my initial list I forgot microwave and little kitchen things - the amount we need to spend is going up everytime I remember something else. I did buy a toaster when I was on tour with the girls so atleast I have one of them!!

Ok so all that work needs done, we get the keys next month - around the 8th...
We should be leaving this flat we are in at the start of August so that gives us 23 days to make it liveable but I have a few things on during that time so make it 20 days. I'm getting in a family friend to help with things like kitchen/bathroom/ceiling and light fittings but other than that I think I'm on my own. Chances are Rory will just need to drop me off in the morning at the new place and leave me with a pain brush until he finishes work!

So thats the 6 month plan...
After 6 months we can release money and get down to fixing other things -

There is old evidence of woodworm - we are getting a specialist around to check it out - Gutters and chimney need seeing too. Maybe get some insulating sorted out in the loft.. If there is any money left over (i would need lots) then I want to get planning permission to make the attic space into two bedrooms - currently 1 is a bedroom without permission and the other half of it is a basic attic space I would kind of like them to stay pretty similar but just do it all officially. There is beautiful skylights up in the loft, the light that gets in there is gorgeous! Infact its one of the things I liked most about the place, seeing a pool of light coming from above always impresses me!

So yeah, scary - exhausting times ahead!
I'm sure oodles of fun will be had along the way :D


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