Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Mike Nicoll

Well its been a quiet week so far, I went out with Simon & Rory on Monday.. We ended up as always going about 200 miles but we did get a couple of shots which is the most important thing. I totally hadn't realised it has been a year since Si and I worked together, we have went out and took random snaps but not actually done a nude shoot... Madness I tell you.. Well next time we wont leave it so long. I should get the shots  back from Simon soon so keep checking back.

 I got a nice little e-mail with some pictures attached this afternoon :D nothing beats that sort of e-mail.
I know photographers don't HAVE to send you images back from shoots so I'm always dead pleased when they do, I guess its because I care. Pictures might not always end up on my portfolio but I do genuinely always want to see how things turned out. I loved working with Mike, I know he's not a photographer or atleast he doesn't call himself one but I really love the tones in the white shirt pictures he shot of me!

 I really cannot wait to see how his paintings of me turn out. It's a pleasure having someone want to spend their time photographing me but to spend the time in actually putting paint on a canvass is really something special. I have worked with a couple of other artists in the past but never got to see their final photographs or paintings.. I might end up seeing them in a gallery a few years down the line though

Anyhow theres my dinner been served so time to go!

Mucho's love'as!


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