Saturday, 4 June 2011

Some other things :D

 Well I'm enjoying the sunshine, had a look at another massive property which again needs so much work done to it.. Taking a nice family friend back to view it with me to tell me how bad its going to sting us to put right. Here is a list of things which need doing -

New heaters for the central heating (they all burst over winter)
Bathroom needs moved
Complete decoration..

Things that need done but not urgently -
Apply for permission to legally convert the attic space, its half been done so one side is an attic and the other is a cute little bedroom.
Doors need moved because the layout is weird.

It's a nice place, in the loft there is skylights which I bloody love and the side which still looks like an attic would be perfect for shooting in. The hallway is pretty big both width wise and length so it would work as a pretty decently sized studio space. I really hope the work needing done doesn't cost too much though. Will be nice to have a project to do :D

First shot above is a self portrait I done a couple of weeks back, same as always though that I'm lazy when it comes to editing..

Rory and I went out yesterday evening, it was a rush to find the light if I'm honest so its not exactly what we were going for but I did ask for lensflare and to me it does have that "summer" feeling to it which is what I wanted..
 Pureple dress again :D by Rory
 From a shoot I had with my mate Simon on Monday while we were on our travels :D
another purple dress shot which I edited :D

This week is a quiet one, wish I had lots of bookings in but afraid I don't.. I hope this isn't the start of me drying up.


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