Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Not at all related to model things..

Last week I had a cancellation for this week, I was trying to fill it..
I'm really rather glad I didn't.

I found out my little cat died this morning, its sad really that an animal passing away can result in me crying hysterically for 4 hours. I guess when people say cats are a very big part of a family are right. So this little blog entry is for my special little boy Pinkey!

Although Pinkey and I have not lived together for over a year now (and the time I lived in Glasgow) he was always closeby. In my parents house there was a rule that the cats were not allowed up the stairs, everynight while I lived there I would sneaky him up.. I actually used to use him as a pillow most nights :D He was a good age, and had the nicest temperament ever - I think he bit me once and It was when we introduced him to spongebob teddy, for some reason Pinkey hated the thing. It was the only time I seen him go mad for a toy trying to attack it. Pinkey pretty much slept, stole peoples seats, hung about under the diningroom table waiting for me to pass him under some turkey.

I have a rubbish long term memory but I actually remember the day we got him, I had just got home from school and there in the livingroom was two tiny little black and white kittens. My sister went for the usual one, the one who everyone would say looked like a nice cat - just like felix the cat (she got called felix and ran away a few weeks later). I was glad that the one I picked had funny markings and quirky looks, he was a little fatty too which made him even more cute. We called him Pinkey - daft name for a boy cat though but I didn't think so at the time!

Anyway theres not much I can say now, I just wish I had the chance to give him one last hug but he's not suffering and I will never forget my special little boy.

Mumma will always love you stinks



  1. Hey Chrissie

    Feeling for you. I've lost a few pets over the years but nothing was as bad as when my dog died rather prematurely 3 years ago.

    Take care


  2. So sorry Chrissie :(

    It's so hard losing our friends. But I gladly accept the pain that comes from losing them, for the love that they brought us every day when they were with us.

    Hope you're ok