Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another personal blog update..

I know this blog is totally turning into a "diary of" rather than pictures and thoughts on things..
I guess I use this to throw out my feelings, its like the nice feeling you have when you are singing and nobody is listening!

To be honest I've not done a whole load of shooting recently, have something on this weekend but everything has been on the back burner while trying to sort out this new house. So the last update was about us budgeting our already small amount of money, well this one is basically saying we need to budget even more.

We had the nicest man out to report on the woodworm in the property earlier this week, the great thing about it was no estate agents. He picked up the keys and met us at the property, we were there for around an hour so we kind of got a better look around the place. The woodworm guy was great, not only did he look at the timbers he had a swatch at the boiler/roof and chimney. His company might even have a kitchen in a warehouse which he can give us for nothing!!!!

So I was right, there is woodworm.. and its active :( but I did kind of suspect this although I hoped it was an old infestation. Thankfully its not widespread and only noticeable in a couple of rafters in the attic space, its not caused any serious structural damage and wont set us back "that" much really.

What was discovered was the flashings on the roof need looked at urgently, he actually said "first thing you need sorted is the roof, everything else can wait". He gave us a rough cost so when we get the people into quote we know a general guide price so we wont be ripped off.

Another thing is the current boiler is basically fooked, its ancient. Never been serviced and he recommended that being the 2nd thing we need to fix. So to have hot water and heating we kinda need to do that asap, the guide price for that was a fair whack of money - infact it would eat up so much of our budget that we wouldn't have much left over. I mentioned the need for the boiler and radiators and my sister reminded me that my brother in law used to have his own underfloor heating company and he still has the equipment and enough pipes to do most of the flat and he has offered his services for nothing - although his usual rate is a packet of fags and an irn bru so providing we get the boiler replaced the heating is pretty much sorted, we will need to buy a few bits for him to do the job like new floor coverings and it will be messy but we can't turn our noses up and its awesome he has offered to do this for us :D

Chimney flashings are letting in water, another issue. Currently there is work going on outside the property and there is scaffolding up.. the issue may have been caused by the work going on outside, so ive been advised to contact the person in charge of the work to ask if they will fix it, if not we can piggy back their scaffolding and save some mollah there too!

We informed the landlady that we are moving, bought a car..
So if this deal falls through we will have to live in the car :(

Its still scary, actually owning something worth so much money.. although to others the price is pretty pathetic compared to their homes but its the most we have ever spent EVER. I think the scary thing is the settling in and work needing done, if we uncover more shit wrong with the place there is no more money there to make it right. It was a terrible idea watching "help my house is falling down" programme last week, they had woodworm/roofing issues and damp so it struck a few chords with us, thankfully their property was like a billion years old ours is only 110.

So now we wait for the bank to say yes again after getting the report on the woodworm, then we contact the solicitor to do the deal.. then we get all the savings out and wait till the 12th of July.

in the meantime I will continue packing, pacing the floors and doing online research into really silly things. I was up at 4am earlier this week watching videos on re-facing kitchens, they are a bloody fantastic way of entertaining yourself!


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