Saturday, 20 October 2012

Alister Aberdeen and a couple of SP's

 Well I spent a lovely Sunny afternoon recently with Alisteraberdeen (PS), it has been almost 3 years since we first worked together. Its amazing how much lives change in 3 years!

We went off in search of locations and found a new one and used one of my trusty old ones too. Its sad though when it only feels like you have been out for an hour and you are told its actually only 20 minutes before the end of the shoot.

 Big thanks to Alister who sent me over :D I'm looking forward to our next shoot, which is on Monday if the weather holds up. Now to keep my fingers crossed it does!

All images above by Alister Aberdeen.

Oh I got myself a remote trigger yesterday too, its mainly so I can shoot hats while Rory is hat work but  I gave it a little test drive last night when I got home from my shoot with John mcnairn and it works wonderfully..

There was a whole bunch I could have used but I could only be bothered to edit 2. I kind of like them and I learned something while shooting them - but I wont say it here because I need to make the same mistake again to see if its actually been a mistake or if it was just the wrong setting for what I was doing ;-)

And a little more relaxed one :D

Right time to throw some hat in the cat shots onto a media stick and hot foot it over to Perth for the hand over! As always I hope they like what we have done this week


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