Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Experimenting with light.

 Well I did mention I would be on the self portrait express train from now on. This afternoon I decided to just go and hang out with the camera, trigger and lights. I initially was set up for flash but the battery on that is either dead or my machine for setting them off is broken so it wasn't to be. I was all set for "trying something new". I normally avoid flash, I like seeing what the light is doing to my body so move according to that but its something I do want to learn so new batteries will be put in so I can have a go at using flash.

I didn't have any ideas, grabbed that *thing* (I have no idea what its called.. suspender belt?) which I bought a couple of weeks ago. I quite like how it looked on though, I have a really long upper body and I feel like it breaks up the skin a little and makes me look less deformed ;-)

I love my new trigger but I need to figure out how to pose with the limitations of holding it, I swear there is a green light in about 80% of my pictures and there really is nowhere to hide it - unless I use the timer again with the trigger but 15 seconds to spare gives me time to think about what pose I'm doing and decide to change it and I always just like doing something then figuring it out later if it was a disaster or a success. I think sometimes it is like a little model dance I do, if you are fast and press the button at the right time you might capture something nice.

I've been saying for years I wanted a nice photograph of my bottom, some have come very close....
I actually like my bum in the above shot, lots of things I dislike about the picture though so we can focus on the bum and not the upper body or the blurry hand - I will learn and do it again but better.

Anyway that was from today, I really like the first one.. I'm quite proud of myself really, there are things I would change if I had been able to be in two places at once I would have been in more control to change it but its one of my favourite pictures I've ever shot and even if 15 people tell me its shit or point out all the flaws I don't see I still wont give a crap. I'm a happy camper.

Sadly yesterdays little "self" portrait session didn't go so smoothly, I did do a little rough edit on one shot and I'm posting it up just because I can.

Its actually kind of cool closer up, the details in the skin is pretty cool.. Shame about the rest of it but hey ho - I'm learning and having fun.

So I started with something nice and it went downhill... So I will finish with something nice -
By Rory.

My roses were beginning to die and they were starting to stink a little so I attached them to a headband. I still have the petals so I might use them.

Anyhow I think that is all for now.

G'night you lovely people



  1. What a delightful set of images and what a delightful blog!

    1. Thanks so much Laurie, I appreciate the comment x

  2. They look great Chrissie, I know it is tricky using the trigger for self portraits sometimes, hard to hide it and get the pose you want. I also adore the first image with the roses on your head by Rory, I love the editing tones and your expression and body language are just brilliant! :-)