Thursday, 18 October 2012

Hats... hats.... hats!

 The weather has led to quite an uneventful week in Chrissie land, but here are some pictures :D

All hats by Jeanette Sendler of Hat in the cat. I've started taking less hats home with me every fortnight, was really struggling to shoot the ones I was taking so we have cut back, been desperate to get outdoors with them during the weekend but the only time the weather was any good I was already out shooting with somebody else. By the time Rory gets back in the evening its almost pitch black outside.

I've ordered my trigger now, so hopefully self portraits are going to be somewhat easier and less limiting. The above image is a self portrait. I'm quite excited about it arriving actually, the thought of being able to just shoot whenever I want or whenever the light is right is a lovely prospect.

Anyhow I have a shoot tomorrow and will hopefully have another bash at the tartan hat before this collection is to be returned at the weekend. Next time I'm going for more of a "warm" hat selection and hopefully going to get some locations done, I may need to persuade Rory to take a day off work but fingers crossed we can get out. The strange thing is the trees have not yet went proper autumnal, they are still looking fairly summery, can't wait for them all to go orange and lay on the forest floor for me to lie in!


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