Saturday, 20 October 2012

An Afternoon out with Mr Mcnairn

 Well John and I had a shoot yesterday (gosh it feels like it was days ago)... Anyway we started off checking out a lovely priory type location which I think will look awesome in the snow so we are waiting until the snow comes, although I'm quite rubbish at waiting so the next time we are at a loose end we may well end up there.

This was a very quiet little riverside location, Johns wife suggested we try this area so off we went to have a look and take some pictures.. I wouldn't attempt getting down the hill to the river in the snow so it was perfect for autumn, although the trees just haven't quite "turned" yet!

Love love love this shot, although there is a little detail in it which might have been overlooked.. I will send John back to the drawing board with it but until its replacement arrives its staying on here.

Yesterday was more a location hunting mission with a little shoot if we spotted the right place to work in.. I had a couple of little outfits with me and John was on the hunt for a bridge he remembered from years ago as being cool, we may have found the bridge but it wasn't the way it once was. I spotted out of the corner of my eye something which looked like a big old ruined castle, sadly the road to it was "private piss off" type signs. So we parked up the road and went for a walk. The "castle" was once maybe quite cool but it looked more like a fort with only windows right at the top and a doorway which was half way up the walls, needless to say we didn't get in or use it.

Instead we decided to walk up the road a little, we had seen a little map in the carpark and spotted something called "old church" so we chanced our luck and kept walking up this gravel driveway. I was beginning to loose hope, thinking we had maybe walked past where the "old church" once stood, we climbed up a hill and when we looked down this is pretty much what we spotted, alongside was the old church which we didn't really get a proper chance to look at when we arrived at the location because others were around.

So we went further down the path, waiting for the postman to deliver to a dot in the distance and took some shots.

The rock was really quite slippy, but I managed to just about keep my balance. I did do some full nude ones up on this rock but I dunno if John has came to those yet ;-)

This is the view looking back, you can almost see the gravel "driveway" we arrived on. The reflections in the water were amazing and the way the mist was hovering above the hills was quite breathtaking. I just know that if I ever go again it will end up being really windy and horribly wet. There really is much more which can be done at this location!

We have a wee studio shoot on Friday so very much looking forward to that, the studio is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere though so it might be a bit of a task for John to actually get me through the door of the place, I might end up distracted by the surrounding forest :D


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  1. Lovely images. I'm never disappointed when I visit your journal. I had planned a trip to Scotland next year, but alas, it's not going to work. Maybe someday in the future though, I'll be lucky enough to visit and if I'm even luckier, perhaps I'll get a chance to work with you.