Monday, 29 October 2012

Another afternoon with John Mcnairn

 Well we had a short studio shoot on Friday, it was rather productive given we didn't really have any plans and its the first time we have worked in a studio together so it was a nice change not being hindered by the crappy weather..

We basically just had a play around, I chucked clothes on and off we went.

I also had my first reiki session, I'm not sure if I'm "fixed" quite yet but I've been feeling much more happy this weekend - not bouncing off walls but just a little more joyful.

I also shot a model this weekend (see picture above). I was really pleased with how it turned out... I will be making more of an effort to be behind the camera more often.

Speaking of which I need to go work on my halloween shoot - which wont be naff, although it might be but I will try not to make it look too naff!


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