Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The cat lady :D

I've always wanted a picture of me with one of my cats, so it was awesome to get a shot of me with not only 1 but 2. Its a shame the 3rd kept running out of shot :D Maybe next time we can get all three!

Sarah who is also the model - Artemis was up in Scotland last week and I was lucky enough to have her come stay with me. We had so much fun and it was nice to have another girl around the house to giggle with. I don't have many friends of my own sex and age so it was a welcome change. We didn't plan on shooting anything, it just kind of happened when we had nothing else to do.

I love the above shot, I think its because it doesn't really look like me - yet it does look like me. Strange but Sarah captured something I've not seen in a shot of me before, although I can't explain exactly what.

I was acting as a look out on Sarah and Simon Poles shoot, and while Sarah was having a quick 5 minute warm up I got up and had a little pose :D You can even see Simon in the 2nd fun shot.

I totally recommend you all to pop on over to see more of Sarahs work, not only is she a fantastic model but she is a great photographer too!
Sarah's work!


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